How To Plan Out Your Office Outing With The Professionals?

Your office function is just round the corner. This is a day that all of you look forward to because there are many interesting activities that take place on this day. But as usual you have being given the responsibility to plan out the day’s events and the location for the big day. So you start checking out the options that are available to you. You also have to keep in mind the menu because some of your colleagues are vegetarian. You get online to check out a suitable place as this is the easiest and most reliable advertising medium these days.

Make the booking
The options you come across are unlimited and you take a while to decide what the best place is. You consult your boss and he too is happy with your choice. Now all you have to do is make the booking and make sure that everything is in order before the big day. You get to the place a couple of hours early to check out the hotel conference rooms and their facilities. You check out the chairs and tables and find that the chairs are very comfortable. The area is also sufficient to hold 30 staff and you are happy with the arrangement.

Leisure activities
The staff helps you in organising the area for the presentations that will take place and also ensure that the mike is in working order. Your flower arrangements are arranged neatly at the head table at the hotel conference rooms in time for your office staff to arrive. Your boss is very impressed when he sees the arrangement and is even more thrilled when he sees the leisure activities that you have planned out together with the staff for the rest of the day. Your office colleagues arrive and are welcomed by the staff prior to the commencing of the seminar and presentation with best buffet in Bangkok.

Special tea and cakes
Much to your relief the morning session ends with no unexpected disasters. Your boss is very happy that everything went as planned. All of you are now treated to a scrumptious meal complete with soup and dessert for lunch. Now comes the interesting event the water sports and the games that most of you always look forward to during this time. Your boss is the first to get started and leads the way for the others to follow. While your staff is having an enjoyable day, as part of their special treatment for their customers the staff has organised a special tea complete with cakes and pastries for the afternoon.